Always in its quest for excellence, Naturpac is part of the Apple Cooperative of the Lake of Two Mountains since 2010. This cooperative has several members, most are growers and farmers in the region.

The primary purpose of the foundation of this Coop is to aim to control all production steps which are sorting, packaging, separation for the processing and marketing apples for the benefit of the producers that are members.

Having been acquired by the Cooperative, Naturpac will ensure that progress never stops!

To prioritize local products, we are associated with several orchards in the region to target the best apples. Whether for immediate consumption or for processing, excellence and quality are essential.

It is to mention that Qualité Québec conducts quality checks regularly. We are proud to pass with success every time!



Bord of Directors for the Cooperative

Mr. Marc Vincent : President and founder of the Coop

Mr. Dominic St-Denis : Vice-president

Mrs. Chantal Girard : Secretary / Treasurer

Mr. Yvon Gemme : Administrator

Mr. Sylvain Caouette : Administrator

Mr. Philippe Massé : Executive Director of  Naturpac